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Best Free Podcast Recording Software for Personal Computers

If you want to start recording your podcasts, you’ll need a strong and trustworthy tool. It’s even better if the program includes an audio editor.

This guide will discuss some of the free finest podcast Recording Software for Personal Computers so you can get your message out as fast as possible.

Below is a list of some of the best free Podcast Recording software for Personal Computers.

Best Free Podcast Recording Software for Personal Computers

1. Audacity

Audacity is a great free audio editor for beginners. It is a free program with many sophisticated capabilities only seen in premium products.

Audacity can capture live audio from a mixer or microphone. Volume levels are monitored during, before, and after recording. Dubbing existing tracks create multi-track recordings. Fixing audio defects can be done after recording. It can remove annoying background sounds like hums and hisses. You also can produce unique features such as tones and instruments using audacity.

2. Anchor

Anchor is a multipurpose podcasting platform produced by Spotify. The greatest thing is that it’s free and easy to use and edit. Audio may be recorded on a computer, phone, or tablet. Users may also upload video, and it enables syncing across all gadgets.

Tracks may be separated, renamed, and have smart flags added, as this allows for further revision and editing. You may also add complete Spotify songs to your recordings.

Anchor provides free web hosting. It can host podcasts and broadcast them to Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts. In addition, Anchor makes it simple to monetize your podcasts via listener contributions and advertising.

3. Garageband

GarageBand is a series of digital audio workstations for Mac, iPad, and iOS devices. It allows users to create either music or podcasts. A variety of pre-made MIDI keyboards, loops, instrumental effects, Guitar-specific tracks, music lessons, virtual software instruments, and voice recordings are included in its music and podcast production system. Garageband includes Easy splicing and Voice effects. However, it is only available to iOS, iPad, and Mac users.

4. ZenCastr

ZenCastr is an exciting podcast recording program for both beginners and experts. With this application, you can easily capture high-quality audio from your guests on your podcasts.

ZenCastr makes post-production editing significantly simpler since the tool lets you include components like intros, advertising, listener testimonials, etc., live as you record. An additional feature of ZenCastr Software is that your podcasts are stored on your Dropbox account in the cloud.

5. Spreaker

Spreaker offers a flexible program to let you produce, publish, and monetize your podcast.

Spreaker plan is divided into paid and free. Spreaker allows for 5 hours of audio and ten episodes per account. Every Spreaker plan has a 300MB episode limit. iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts accept several podcasts per account.

Spreaker offers unlimited bandwidth on all subscriptions, including the free version. The free plan limits live broadcasts to 15 minutes.


There are hundreds of free recording software options, each tailored to a certain individual or business. Ask yourself what you want from the software before you use it. What functionality do I want from it? The answers to these questions help you select the recording software that you desire.

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