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Due to an upgrade in technology, the podcast has grown immeasurably as one way to make particular audio files available for downloading or listening via the internet.

In this guide about Podcasts, the main focus will be to take a look at the "different types of Podcasts" with an example of each.

Different Types of Podcasts with Examples

Listening to podcasts allows you to immerse yourself in a kind of narrative that allows you to focus. Taking a break from a screen or a book may be refreshing, and listening to a podcast might take you to another world for an hour or two.

The podcasting world is vast, and if you're seeking variety, you're only limited by your imagination. Popular podcasts include news, education, health and fitness, humor, and even fiction.

However, let's take a look at the four most popular Podcasting Formats:

  • Hybrid and/or Repurposed Content Podcasts

A hybrid podcast has a set presenter but also includes a variety of special guests or speakers that contribute to the broadcast. In most situations, it starts with a statement or speech by the presenter, followed by a panel discussion, an interview, or input from yet another source.

A good example is The Writer's Voice, a podcast produced by the New Yorker.

  • Interview and/or Conversational Podcasts

Podcasts are most often conversational, and an informal presentation is one where everyone, from a single host to a roundtable discussion participates. Conversations between presenters and guests frequently delve deeply into the guests' personal histories or professional expertise on a particular issue.

A good example is The Bean cast Podcast.

  • Scripted Fiction Podcast

Essentially, fiction podcasts are a kind of audio theatre in which stories are delivered via the use of a script, voice actors, and sound design to immerse the listener in the story's world.

This type of podcast was pioneered by popular shows such as Homecoming.

  • Narrative Nonfictional Podcasts

This is another format that is well-suited to podcasting: long-form narrative. Anything that tells the story of a genuine event or issue in a narrative form is considered narrative nonfiction.

A good example is This American Life Podcast.


The demand for podcasts is high and just seems to be increasing. However, some podcasts are mixes or hybrids of multiple formats. Irrespective of the format used to produce a podcast, it should remain clear and pass a particular message to the audience.

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