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Some podcasters struggle with submitting their podcasts to different podcast directories or searching for articles on how to do so without success.

This guide will provide necessary information on how to upload a podcast to one of the most popular podcast directories.

How to submit a podcast to one of the most Popular Directories.

Getting your show included in all of the major podcast directories is crucial to growing your audience. When you're ready to launch your program, first send it to the main networks.


Most podcast directories follow a similar process, and Spotify isn't different. To get started, you'll need to create an account with the website, upload your RSS feed, and afterward wait for their confirmation.

We've created a checklist of conditions that your podcast must complete before it can be submitted to Spotify to assist you with the process. Then follow our seven-step instructions with screenshots to publish your podcast to Spotify properly.

1. Check to see whether your podcast complies with Spotify's criteria.

Before submitting your show, check that your podcast follows Spotify's rules.

2. Sign up for Spotify

Enter your podcast on Spotify For Podcasters. If you are yet to have one, sign up for Spotify.

3. Accept Terms & Conditions

On the next screen, provide your podcast's information. Click "Get Started" to access Spotify's Terms & Conditions, and then accept the terms and conditions. Then hit the "Continue" button.

4. Input your RSS feed URL

Create an RSS feed for your podcast. Find your podcast host's RSS feed. To add the link to Spotify, click "Next." Incorrect RSS feed URLs will be asked to be rectified.

What Is RSS? It is useful for updating web pages and podcasts, and the podcast directories are always looking for fresh content. Without an RSS feed, the platform would have to be manually updated.

5. Verify you own the podcast

Spotify will email the RSS feed with an eight-digit number. This email probably set up your podcast hosting account.

Spotify's passcode from the confirmation email. You have one hour to receive the code and then send yourself another 8-digit code.

After that, click "Next."

6. Add your podcast's information.

Enter your podcast's major category and country of origin. You may choose three sub-categories after selecting the main category and fill them.

7. Review and submit your podcast

The final step in the Spotify podcast submission process is to review all of the information provided and submit it.

When you're sure, everything looks okay, hit "Submit." After hitting the Submit button, your podcast was uploaded to Spotify! It normally takes a few hours for their personnel to review and accept your podcast. Your show will be on the platform soon.


The need for podcasts is high, and it seems to be growing all the time. While e-Marketer predicts that there are over 400 million monthly podcast listeners this year, they anticipate that there will be more than half a million by 2024, according to the company. Therefore, it's no surprise that so many people in 2022 consider podcasting to be a fantastic way to connect with an audience, establish your business, and generate material that interests you.

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